Back from Narbik’s Bootcamp in Pasadena

These last 2 weeks were insane. I had to finish Multicast, QoS, Security labs from Narbik’s WBs and then fly out Pasadena for the bootcamp. I think I have a list of to-do’s esp when it comes to things like IPv6, QoS, Security and Multicast. You gotta love the way Narbik teaches, no powerpoint no computer what so ever. It’s him, 3 different colored whiteboard pens and a white board!

I attended the class back in June and its amazing that he had new material for some of the technologies already. I wanted to make sure that I get the most out of his IGP, Switching and BGP lectures since those are the things he expects us to get 100% on. I am in love with BGP and scared at the same time, not sure if BGP is that easy or am I dreaming?

I just purchased couple of Cisco 3560s so now I am all set as far as the lab equipment is concerned. I am going to retire two of the 3550s so if anyone is interested in 2 3550s with Enterprise IOS then contact me. I am thinking about browsing the Doc-CD all day today and messing around with QoS, Multicast and may be security labs. I think I will start IE labs tomorrow and see how that goes. If anyone has any recommendations or tips then please comment away.

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  1. 21ctl says:


    happy to hear that you are back.

    concerning the 3550 you want to sell, i would love to know for how much and what are your requirements and mode of payment.

    you an send me a mail for a reply


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