Internetwork Expert Mock Lab 5 – Misery Continues

Last saturday I went ahead and attempted IE Mock Lab 5 without taking into consideration that it might beat me down so bad that I won’t be able to get up. I know a few other bloggers who attempted these higher difficulty labs and didn’t get pass 60.

I have always scheduled my Mock Labs for the 6am session to better prepare for the actual lab that starts around 730am at most locations. I am actually getting better at waking up for the lab on time unlike my first Mock Lab when I didn’t start the lab until 8am :)

My main goal was to “NOT PANIC” and go through the lab as fast as I can without getting stuck at any “optional tasks”. Took me about 30min to do a quick read through and draw out my L2 topology. I feel better when I have my L2 infront of me :)

I was able to get the Switching section done within the first hour and skipped a total of two optional tasks on the way. In Mock Lab 3 I spent about an hour on a 3 point STP task and didn’t want to fall in the same trap again.

Next was frame-relay and a quick read through said “it’s easy”. Well it was easy but there was a little trick that I messed up on. If I read ahead with a little more attention, I would have figured out that there is an EIGRP task that requires backup-interface and that would have given me a clue that sub-interface is needed on one of the routers. Another thing that got me was when I configured virtual-template, I didn’t use both pap and chap on the hub router in the same line! I entered two different lines and thus wiped my PAP authentication. That made me configure TWO virtual-templates on the hub router with the same IP address. I mean it worked but I think it was not efficient and I ended up wasting more time than I had planned.

OSPF was not difficult and I was cruising along until I hit the NSSA task. I totally forgot about the no-redistribute option because the task specifically stated that “no additional routes should appear”. Now all of you who think RIPv2 is a piece of cake, think again! I wasted 30min on RIPv2 because for some damn reason routers started acting up. I used passive-interface default command and that triggred something and I quit receiving routes on one of my routers. After messing around for 20min, I took the config off and rebooted all of them and reapplied everything. Yes it worked after that! Next came the time waster. EIGRP was easy to configure and I got it. When I tried the backup interface and started testing, that darn thing wouldn’t work. I totally screwed up on this one and tried everything BUT the subinterface. I even implemented End-to-End keepalives lol. Then I just moved on without the backup in place. That did cost me a few points because there were other things that were depending on this backup configuration.

Redistribution was not easy but I was able to get it done without much fuss. I did not attempt traffic engineering task because that looked like a timewaster to me.

BGP was preconfigured so it was a little difficult than normal since I had to go through the configs and show outputs to figure out the neighbors.  I don’t know what I was smoking but I did mess up the BGP section and only got one task correct.

IP Multicast was left till the end so I didn’t have much time to troubleshoot the RPF failure.

I was able to get all the points on IPV6 section and that was helpful.

I applied the traffic shaping to the WRONG ROUTER. I still can’t believe this. Reading the task again would have helped but at this point I was rushing though. I was able to implement priority queueing without much trouble and that’s an improvement.

Bombed the security section because I didn’t want to implement ACLs towards the end of the lab even though I knew what the task was asking. I need to get over this and give myself more time for security section in the future.

Service Nagle! I know I won’t forget this from now on. It groups together the characters so TCP won’t send one character per packet.

I swear I verified NTP 10 times but my result says one of the routers was not receiving the time from BB. Ended up getting 6 out of the 9 possible points.

So what did I get on this torture bed? a solid 47. I know its not even close to anything sane but I guess this tells me that I need to work better through the lab. I was OK on time management but I did spend more time on a few sections in the middle and was not able to get back to the left over tasks. I also didn’t have enough time to look through the Documentation for the crazy tasks.

I attempted IE Mock Lab 6 the day after and I will write about that sometime this weekend :)

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  1. cciepursuit says:

    SERVICE NAGLE!!! You’ve now learned that command the same hard way that I did.

    Don’t feel bad about this lab. I think that this was by far the toughest of the IE Mock Labs. You outscored me by 7 points!

  2. CCIETalk says:

    Yeah this was an interesting lab. So far it has been the fear of the lab rather than the material that has been kicking my butt.

  3. webwidejosh says:

    Ha… I got a 39 on a mock lab. This was a month before my visit to RTP. It hurt! It told me I scored better than 25% of others who took the lab.

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