CCIE Voice Written Exam 350-030 Expanded Blueprint

I am getting ready to start my CCIE Voice Written (Exam 350-030) preparation and hoping to gain a ton of knowledge throughout this journey. I was hoping to purchase the CCBootcamp Voice Written guide but they displayed the WORST POSSIBLE customer service so I have decided to only rely on Cisco Documentation for my CCIE Voice Written prep.

To start off, here is the expanded blueprint for CCIE Voice Written customized to my needs. I will be following this blueprint while updating my notes throughout the journey.  My goal is to attempt the CCIE Voice Written exam by August 2009. I know that is an aggressive timeline but I have no other choice due to the load at work.

CCIE Voice Written Exam 350-030 Blueprint

1. CallManager (7/20/2009)

  • Codecs/Regions
  • Redundancy (CM Groups/Device Pool)
  • Dial Plan: Gatekeeper, SIP Proxy, Route Patterns, Route Groups, Route Lists, Digit Manipulation and Digit Analysis
  • Music On Hold
  • Conferencing (Audio and Video)
  • Transcoding
  • Media Termination Points
  • CM Features: Extension Mobility, IPMA, Attendant Console, Call Park, Pickup
  • Phone Settings
  • CTI, TAPI and JTAPI Interface

2. QoS

  • Link Efficiency: LFI, MLPPP, FRF.12, cRTP, VAD
  • Classification and Marking
  • Congestion Management: Queuing
  • Traffic Policing and Shaping
  • LAN QoS
  • CM CAC and GK. Hub and Spoke/Fully Meshed MPLS

3. Telephony Protocols

  • SCCP
  • RTP & cRTP
  • MGCP
  • SIP
  • H323
  • Analog and TDM Signaling

4. Unity

  • Integration
  • DPA
  • Call Handlers
  • Unified Messaging
  • VPIM

5. IOS IP Telephony Skills

  • SRST
  • CME
  • CUE

6. IP IVR/IPCC Express

  • Speech Recognition
  • ICD Functions
  • Database Lookups
  • VXML

7. Security

  • DHCP Snooping
  • MCS OS Hardening
  • Phone Authentication and Encryption
  • TCP/UDP Port List
  • Firewalls and Application Layer Gateways (ALG)
  • NAT

8. Infrastructure Protocols

  • DNS
  • TFTP
  • NTP
  • Inline Power: Cisco and 802.3af

9. Application Protocols

  • IP Multicast
  • Video
  • Fax and Modem

10. Operations and Network Management

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An Experienced Unified Communications Engineer Specializing in Cisco, Riverbed, VMware and Relevant Technologies. CCIE Voice, CCNA, CCDA, CCNP, CCDP, CCIP, RCSA.


  1. ErikP says:

    I’m starting the IE Voice myself, aiming for taking it in Sept. Best of luck to us both.

  2. CCIETalk says:

    Welcome to the blog! Are you aiming for the written or have you already passed it? I would like to know about your plans.

    • ErikP says:

      Aiming for written. I’d like to pass the current written blueprint so I can focus on new lab blueprint. I have the ccbootcamp written guide, and my Cisco Press collection.

  3. CCIETalk says:

    Goodluck! How long have you been studying?

  4. ErikP says:

    Just a few weeks, I was at Cisco Live when I got the bug. How about you?

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