IPexpert’s CCIE Workbooks are shipping

Just read this in my RSS reader that IPexpert is shipping all the new workbooks. Here is the announcement from their blog. This is just a public service announcement :)

CCIE Routing & Switching 4.0

  • Volume 1: Overhauled to include 4.0 topics / technology-focused lab scenarios w/ a Detailed Solution Guide. There are 34 chapters (labs) covering all topics you’ll see on the new blueprint. The Detailed Solution Guide walks you through the lab scenarios providing an in-depth overview of what’s happening and why you’re doing what’s asked.
  • Volume 2: This lab workbook has been overhauled to match the new 4.0 blueprint. It’s a bridge between Volume 1 and Volume 3 – consisting of 20 8-hour multiprotocol labs (starting easier and getting progressively harder!). There is an accompanying Detailed Solution Guide that walks you through each task – providing a thorough overview of how to configure each task.
  • Volume 3: This workbook is AMAZING! Our clients who have been using this have provided awesome feedback! They’re telling us that this workbook is “spot on” when it comes to the 4.0 lab. Our clients are breezing through the OEQ and Troubleshooting sections (on the current 4.0 lab!). This workbook consists of 10 labs that are formatted to resemble the real and current 4.0 R&S lab. You’ll start out with OEQ and then move on to 10 Troubleshooting tickets – then the configuration section. These are the real deal! The Detailed Solution Guide is EXTREMELY thorough – and provides you with a wealth of information – so you’re able to fully understand these lab scenarios and our solutions! JoeTyson and Marko (industry-recognized experts!) have put a wealth of time into this resource to ensure you’re ready for the new 4.0 lab exam!

CCIE Voice 3.0

  • Volume 1 is now shipping and is a protocol-focused lab workbook (with 19 chapters / sections) covering all topics and technologies seen on the current blueprint (3.0). This was just “tweaked” (after already being completely rewritten from scratch!) by the world’s most renowned CCIE Voice Instructor – Vik Malhi – while he was completing the Volume 1 Video Solutions, so you’re sure to have an error-free workbook – with the latest and greatest topics. This industry-leading workbook also includes an accompanying Detailed Solution Guide which walks you through all of the solutions. It’s important to note that our CCIE Voice products have become the industry standard – and we’ve passed a wealth of CCIE Voice engineers – just check out our success stories and testimonials – they speak clearly for how solid our materials are!
  • Volume 2 is a multiprotocol lab workbook that includes 10 mock lab exams. This workbook is CLEARLY the best out there. We’ve been cranking out CCIE Voice engineers with only 1/2 of the book shipping – it’s obvious we’re going to help more of you succeed with this entire resource being completed! Within Volume 2, you’ll find 10 mock labs including OEQ, Troubleshooting and the configuration sections. This awesome resource also comes with an accompanying Detailed Solution Guide which walks you through every step and task – it’s clearly the most thorough, up-to-date and legitimate resource on the market!

CCIE Security 3.0

  • Our Volume 1 CCIE Security 3.0 Workbook is just as awesome as the rest of our workbooks! Again, reference our success stories and you’ll see how many CCIE Security engineers we’re helping pass. Our Volume 1 workbook consists of 16 individual sections covering all of the topics on the current lab blueprint (and a troubleshooting lab per section). If the topic or technology is on the lab – you’ll learn it in our Volume 1 workbook!
  • Volume 2: Our Volume 2 CCIE Security 3.0 workbook is simply awesome. It consists of 10 challenging mock labs that are formatted and written to resemble the real (and current) lab. You’ll complete OEQs, Troubleshooting and then the configuration section.  It’s been overhauled (written from scratch) – actually – like all of the rest of our workbooks – by Tyson Scott (industry-recognized triple CCIE!).

CCIE Service Provider

  • Volume 1: Our CCIE Service Provider, Volume 1 – consists of 25 chapters (topics) that are seen on the current CCIE SP lab. You’ll configure protocol-focused lab scenarios before moving to the mock lab challenges in Volume 2. It’s received incredible reviews (as does all of our workbooks) – and people are telling us that our Workbooks are exactly what was needed to help them pass their lab!
  • Volume 2: Containing 10 Mock Labs (starting easier, then getting progressively more difficult) – you’ll master the topics (all working together) seen on the real lab. Many of our customers have used this single workbook for their entire CCIE SP lab prep – and have passed. It’s definitely the most accurate and up-to-date product on the market! Our industry-renowned CCIE SP instructors (Marko and Tyson) have ensured that you’ll be ready for the real lab once you complete our workbook!
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