Cascade Jack Demo Chinese Subtitles

Cascade Jack Demo Chinese Subtitles In this animated video with Chinese subtitles, you will meet Jack, a modern day IT operations manager. Whether networks, applications, virtual environments or the cloud, Jack is responsible for ensuring it all runs smoothly. Many things can affect performance but one thing is true – users just want problems fixed and fast! See how Jack uses Riverbed Cascade, an easy to use application aware network performance management (NPM) solution to collect both flow and packet data to provide cost-effect visibility into network and application performance. Riverbed Cascade helps IT operations teams to proactively monitor and rapidly troubleshoot performance problems. With Cascade, Jack investigates issues in real-time or retroactively so he can find the exact cause. We invite you to meet Jack in this easy to view video.
Source: Cascade Jack Demo Chinese Subtitles (Youtube).

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