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              1. Service



                Technology  lead the industry

                One of the main drafting units of desktop socket industry standards

                One of the main drafting units of National Standard for Ground Sockets (GB/T 2307)





                Team  Concentric Coopenration

                Many of the electrical industry elite gathered in the company,in order to market demand as the center ,adhere to the market,aligned with the world. We are actively developing new products and promote the development of enterprises by research and development and the innovation of scientific and standard.

                Teamwork is our development premise. We ensure that every employee,every process maintained the gritty spirit all the time from research and development to promote.




                service  Customer first

                To provide customers with comprehensive service solutions,Feilifu is adhering to the "onesty, Pragmatic,Innovation and Win-win".In accordance with the ISO9001:2000 quality management system standard,strengthen quality management,improve customer satisfaction.And because of this,many customers establish long cooperation with us,and display their advantages and achieve win-win.

                Face the future,we are always full of enthusiasm and spirit,to create more value for customers and provide safe products for users.





                Quality   Excellent Management

                Quality policy: quality-oriented, customer first, full participation, continuous improvement.

                Quality target: customer satisfaction ≥ 95%, the finished product one-time qualification rate ≥98%.


                Future  Beyond Self  foresight

                attention to the talents reserve and  cultivation;

                attention to the management of scientific and humanized ;

                With technology innovation as the subject to achieve market demand;

                Continuously introduce advanced technology and equipment to improve productivity;

                Efforts to achieve rapid development;


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