How to Fix Cisco UCM 8.6.1 Backup Error Unable to Contact Server

cisco 9900

Recently I showed you how to fix the CSCtq18270 error on Cisco Communications Manager 7.1.3 and or 8.5.1. Well as our lives go, I ran into this weird issue with a Cisco Communications Manager 8.6.1 where the backups on the 3 server deployment would complete with the following error on one of the Subscribers. WARNING: [...]

Cisco Communications Manager Call Park Behavior in 8.6.2


Looks like Cisco has made some great changes to the Call Park behavior in Communications Manager 8.6.2 These are good to know if you are about to deploy 8.6.2 With these new Call Park behaviors, centralized Unified CM deployments that host multiple locations on a single cluster (such as retail stores and bank branches) can [...]

Cisco UCM SIP Profile Configuration

A SIP profile comprises the set of SIP attributes that are associated with SIP trunks and SIP endpoints. SIP profiles include information such as name, description, timing, retry, call pickup URI, and so on. The profiles contain some standard entries that cannot be deleted or changed. SIP Profile Information Name Enter a name to identify [...]

Cisco UCM Device Pool Configuration

Device pools define sets of common characteristics for devices. The device pool structure supports the separation of user and location information. The device pool contains only device- and location-related information. The Common Device Configuration window records all the user-oriented information such as type of softkey template that is used and locale information. Ensure that each [...]

CUCM Date/Time Group Configuration

Use Date/Time Groups to define time zones for the various devices that are connected to Cisco Unified Communications Manager. Each device exists as a member of only one device pool, and each device pool has only one assigned Date/Time Group. Installing Cisco Unified Communications Manager automatically configures a default Date/Time Group that is called CMLocal. [...]

CUCM Phone NTP Reference Configuration

If you want to do so, you can configure phone Network Time Protocol (NTP) references in Cisco Unified Communications Manager Administration to ensure that a phone that is running SIP gets its date and time from the NTP server. If all NTP servers do not respond, the phone that is running SIP uses the date [...]

Cisco Unified CallManager

Cisco Unified CallManager is the core call processing software for Cisco IP Telephony. It builds call processing capabilities on top of the Cisco IP network infrastructure. Cisco Unified CallManager extends enterprise telephony features and capabilities to telephony network devices such as IP phones, media processing devices, voice gateways, and multimedia applications. CallManager can be deployed using [...]